May 12, 2019

Well first let me say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU ALL hope everyone has a great day and if you Mom is not there ,like mine take a few minutes to remember all she has done for you.
Now along the lines of remembering this week I have seen articles saying how this musicians songs are still relevant today. Well History is always relevant. You all remember the saying those that don’t remember history and learn from are bound to repeat it or something to that effect. Take a look at the world today. doesn’t the Mid East resemble the days of the Crusades. The cold war seems to be returning. Africa is acting like the days surrounding colonization. Europe and the US are acting almost as they did in the time leading up to the world wars, and yet knowing what will happen we all just continue down this path. In the US we are focused on a bad President. A look at the rest of the world should give even more alarm as to whats going on. I’m not a expert on world politics but I do love history. When I was young I would read history books or look up events in the encyclopedia (yes I’m old). Today young people don’t care so much about history nor do they believe most of it. Ask some young person in college a question relating to history and its effect on the present and you would be astonished at some of the answers you get. I am very afraid from what I’m seeing right now that were going to repeat all the bad stuff. Well I guess the was depressing enough for today. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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