May 5, 2019

Well you see the word impeachment thrown around a lot lately and it’s not a great idea. Forget what you get if you do (Pense) and think about what really happens after. First the Republicans will block it in the senate, second if it does get passed you think he’s just going to walk out. I don’t think there is absolute proof of a crime that would make the result of impeachment removal. He may like Bill Clinton be censured but that would be that. Most if any criminal proceedings will have to wait till he’s out of office. And just for the sake of argument lets say there are no really impeachable offenses he comes out clean. Do you have any idea how powerful he would be and if you think hes a miserable bastard now wait till that happens. No I still don’t think impeachment is the way to go. I think the Democrats need to pick a candidate and then make sure they win control of the senate that way if the Trumpster is reelected he will have to to reign himself in or he will be impeached. Now thats what I see right now but is you want to look ahead what this country really needs is a hero. A Martin Luther King a man that can bring everybody together without making it political. A man of his caliber is out there somewhere I just don’t know if he’s willing to risk it all to save the country when the country won’t help itself. Just to be clear I see no one on the political horizon that fits that bill. Most are convinced they know what we want even though they don’t really listen when we tell them. So short of a revolution a hero it is. If on the outside chance this hero is reading this let me say if you have the balls to stand up there are those who will stand with you they’re just afraid to be first. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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