March 24, 2019

Interesting week! The Muller report was was handed to the AG no real specifics have been released yet and we don’t know how much will be made public. But it seems obvious all those that want the Trumpster indicted are going to be disappointed. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone who has studied him at all. He is famous for letting other people take the blame, sort of like a Mafia Don. He’s an expert at not accepting blame for his actions. The worst nightmare for his opponents is he will probably win reelection. I don’t see any minorities getting elected since his supporters are all pretty much racist’s and the Democrats, at least at this time, seem to fractured to be able to present a real challenge to him. I put out a blurb the other day where I said he wins reelection then quits after a year or to and gets pardoned by Pence. Nixon should of gone to jail but he got a pardon. So people say goodbye to Social Security, the environment, great education for every one and peace in our time. Say hello to segregation. Higher taxes, no social help programs and a world the will resemble Orwell’s 1984. The Trumpster’s reelection will bring with it the potential for Civil unrest like never before. So unless some way, some how people wake up to the dangers he brings it might be time to either wake up or get out. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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