March 17, 2019


First just let me say HAPPY SAINT PATS day to everyone on national drink to you drop day. Now lets get down to business. The topic this week seems to be White Nationalism especially after the massacre at a mosque in New Zealand. It has always been my opinion that all people must get along equally or we increase the chance of extinction of the human race. It now appears that the Trumpster and some Democrats would love to see some sort of Apartheid although much more subtlety then that which had been in South Africa. In today world, at least so far, South Africa is a example of a multi cultured nation where for the most part everyone gets along. It the Trumpster’s world white is good everything else is secondary. You see it in his Golf resorts, a sport that has been dominated by white people. Their Major tournament the Masters was held at a club, which for years did not allow Black members. The best player over the last few years was Tiger Woods a man of mixed Blood that that has never admitted to being a man of color. Supporting a white supremacy policy has never succeeded anywhere it has only resulted in war and heartache. The same can be said when on religion tries to be dominate in the world. I guess it would be wishful thinking of me to Can’t We All Just Get Along. Even the Hippie culture of the 60’s did not always live up to that motto. I honestly don’t know whats going to happen but if the world continues along its present path I for one do not see a bright future. If the Trumpster’s make America Great again policy continues by only befitting the rich and powerful and if the rest of the world follows his example this planet will be a dark and forbidding place to live. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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