March 10, 2019


Well we’ve come to another Sunday so what shall we talk about today. Lets try human stupidity. If you live down here in Colombia you know that both Bogotá and Medellin have been alerting the public to the horrible air quality lately. It reminds me of NY, LA. And Denver of the 60s,70s and early 80’s where you took you life in your hands going out and breathing the air. It was so bad out there that I remember landing in LA and looking out the window and looking down at green clouds. Here you look up at the mountains and it looks hazy like rain only it isn’t. Now they’ve posted all kinds of alerts sent testers out to check cars and trucks. The only problem if you live down here you know slip the the inspector 20,000 pesos and you pass. Thats part of the stupidity thing. The rest is look around you in America as well as down here countries are running out of room for their trash. Wait! You say what about all the recycling plants around. Well there is so much plastic that they’ve become overwhelmed and are starting to turn people away or charging to accept the junk. Now we’re a lot worse than the US down here we have a river that i’m not sure where it begins or ends but it runs through Medellin and Bello you travel along the shore line when you take the train between the cities. The shore line is covered in trash it gathers around the bridge piers and on rocks etc. You would have a better chance of catching a body than you would edible fish from it. Yet it doesn’t bother people. Out my window across the street there’s a small stream that the people love to throw their trash. In one area they actually bring dump trucks and dump construction trash. Now you’ve all seen people throwing trash out car windows despite the treat of fines. The real stupidity comes when we over crowd a city and don’t know what to do with the trash or human waste. I know there is a lot we can do with solid waste and air pollution. One thing we need to understand about both is that the planet will handle a lot but it can’t handle population explosions. Trees. Plant and grass supply the planet with breathable air something you should remember from our basic science class’s in school. But we don’t seem to care we want to live in the country but don’t want trees we want chemically treat lawns instead. I don’t think we have to worry about climate change I think we might all be extinct before then. So the is Fats and Flounder saying CIAO and good luck to us all from Medellin, Colombia.

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