March 6, 2019


The above is a picture of Hugo Chavez’s daughter Maria Gabriela Chavez who is an alternate ambassador to the UN for Venezuela. She is reported to be worth about 4 billion dollars which she has hidden in banks all over Europe. So my question here is why hasn’t somebody tried to freeze those assets and expel her from the UN. I mean that money would go a long way towards helping her country. It’s mind boggling how these poor revolutionaries get the peasants to revolt then before you know it they’re the new elite. It happens everywhere Cuba, the Mid East, Russia everywhere. Poor people fight the wars and then get screwed even here it happens. But getting back to Venezuela. The country has a chance to help itself by seizing the assets of Maduro and his family as well as the Chavez brats. But you know I don’t here the Trumpster trying to get her out of the country or get he money back to the people. Must be something about them Billionaires sticking together to stick to us ordinary folks. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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