March 3, 2019


 Well this has been some week. The Trumpster went to meet with Rocket man Kim and that didn’t go well. I guess Kim never read the Art of the Deal so he didn’t know how great the Trumpster was. The Trumpster never bothered to ask anybody for advice which is typical of him and his ego. He believes he knows what is best for everyone. Then the Trumpster’s ex lawyer Michael Cohen testified before the House and just about buried him. But don’t worry the Trumpster has found something to really screw things up. He is putting forth an executive proclamation to order to force colleges to allow free speech to everyone. Now on the surface this sounds like a good thing trust me its typical Trumpster deception. What it will end up doing is preventing the schools from keeping radicals like the heads of the Nazi and other white power groups from speaking on their campus’s. The order needs to written so that schools can stop these people if they believe there is the slightest chance of violence. This order once again represents his and the rest of the old white guys in our Government desire to make this country the segregated mess it was back in the 50’s. I believe if they have their way America will become a third rate country. I also believe they want to do away with our present form of government and replace it with a form of serfdom. As you know I live in Colombia and it has a multitude of problems beginning with corruption at every level but the way things are going I feel better about its future then Americas. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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