February 17, 2019

I saw an interesting story on the Internet this morning about Payless shoes closing all its US stores. Now I think I might know why. They recently decided to start selling upgraded brands and styles and I think that sunk them. I remember being in Kmart one day and looking at bath towels that were good quality for about 9 dollars. I didn’t have money with me just then so I went back a few days later and they had acquired the Martha Stewart brand now the same quality towel was around 12 to 15 dollars. It was a week later on a Saturday that I went in to look at some fishing gear and noticed the store was half empty a couple of years later it was gone. I believe that stores that make their money selling quality discounted products and then suddenly decide to upgrade lose a lot of their base and that causes them to go under. Now take that and apply it to political parties or individual politicians and you’ll see how a ass hole like the Trumpster can get elected. Both parties forgot the part of the constitution that says WE THE PEOPLE and decided that it was more about them than us. I don’t know if America is smart enough to fix this or if it and its Democracy are about to become the Radio Shack of countries. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.bb87cea9-6787-42c4-9844-c26c9973791f-2018_out_1

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