February 3, 2019

I think it’s time for Americans to start to be really afraid of those in power. You have a president whose administration is removing itself from most international treaties. Your president has a friendly relationship with leaders that would be Ok if they were accomplishing some good, but there not. He openly disregards his advisers for his own uninformed opinion. Thats opinion folks not any real facts. He thinks coal and Oil are the way to go even when confronted by information that says these will not last another 50 years before there gone for good. He is only interested in himself and we should not be surprised by this. He says he wants to negotiate a new Nuclear arms deal with Russia. Allowing him to do that would be a colossal mistake. Not just because of his secret relationship with Putin but because of his complete lack of knowledge of the subject. I used to think that Bush and some of the earlier presidents were really dumb but that was before the Trumpster. The really sad part its not just the Trumpster but politicians in general. The only way to rid the country of this man and his lackeys is through the electoral process. A process that some politicians like Mitch McConnell are absolutely scared shitless about. Its not just Republicans that are afraid it’s those that have been in office far too long that are afraid as well. The Trumpster if thing continue along this path will get reelected which scares everybody in the world. Not possible you say the Democrats will win. Maybe! But I wouldn’t count on it. No something has to be done or years from now history will be referring to this time as the fall of American Democracy with some going so far as to say it was the coming of the Anti Christ. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO and that the time for action is now from Medellin, Colombia.

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