January 27, 2019

Well lets talk about last Sundays Saints rams game shall we. I don’t have to say anything to the people that saw it and the blown call by the refs. Actually blown call is wrong they completely missed it. The result probably cost the Saints the game. Now ams fans and some others will say that the Saint should never have allowed themselves to be in that position. Well folks if you watched the game you know the same could be said for the Rams. People believe two ways one that the league is corrupt and the other side says shit happens or worst yet it wasn’t a penalty. Well it wasn’t a penalty it was two penalties on one play and both were missed. How this happened when at least three different TV cameras caught the play live is a mystery to me. It’s also a mystery to me why people aren’t asking that question or where exactly was the referee at when the play occurred. Was he taking a bathroom break did he fall down was he having a senior moment. The NFL needs a better explanation for what happened besides we blew it. The Saint player lost money and maybe any chance hey had to get to play in a Super Bowl. Just about every body at the game saw hat play because its human nature to follow the ball. Now that means thousands of people saw it in the stadium and millions on TV. So explain it to me that the people who get paid to see such things didn’t see it at all. Oh wait the ref was seven yards away and didn’t see it. Maybe they need to check his blood and urine or better yet his eyes.There are law suits, billboards and boycotts about this play in a football game. Now this says a lot for our countries priorities when kids and cops are getting killed everyday by guns and we get upset for a day or two and then it’s back to usual and they say this play will be talked about forever. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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