January 20, 2019

Well th US government has been shut down for almost a month now, because our politicians have decided to be juvenile about this Wall issue. The Trumpster needs it so he can tell his supporters see I did what I said I would. Well even if he gets his Wall it won’t be paid for by Mexico no matter what he claims. Average American citizens will end up paying for it just like his Tax cut. He points to history to show you how effective a Wall can be. China built the biggest wall ever and it didn’t stop anything. The Mexican cartels have been sending drugs under, over and around anything we’ve put down there to stop them, now we have done technology. If Amazon can have drones deliver packages to you door don’t you think the cartels can do the same with drugs. As for criminals coming across the border most come in legally. Every mafia boss that ever lived came to this country legally. The 9/11 hijackers entered the country legally 15 from a Muslim country that isn’t on any no fly list Saudi Arabia. The people crossing the Mexican border are not taking jobs from Americans, not unless Americans want to pick strawberries, or wash cars, or any of the other menial jobs that in recent years Americans believe are beneath them. American lose jobs because people from Asia can com here legally on a special work visa. They will work for less they don’t get benefits and in a lot of cases are better educated in the type of work. I’ve written plenty about how manufacturing jobs will never be at levels that they were at 20 years ago because of automation and now with the development of artificial intelligence it will only get worse. Nothing that is being said in Congress by the Trumpster or the res of the Republicans will change anything. So lets take that Wall money and put it towards education and health care. This is Fats and his Buddy Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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