January 13, 2019

Well all the politicians are back in DC getting paid to do nothing while government workers go without pay. Some are laid off during this shutdown while others are forced to work with out pay. The scary thing is this could happen again next year with the Trumpster in the oval office, he’s like like a little baby throwing a tantrum every time he can’t get his way. He has no empathy for anyone as evidenced by his threat to stop Fema funds going to the victims of the California fires. I think he thinks if he threatens enough people Congress will make a deal to give him his wall. The wall will do nothing but give him a political victory with his base. That in turn will must likely guarantee his reelection. That he wants to be reelected is surprising since he never wanted the job in the first place. He just wanted to be able to stand on the sidelines and criticize others with outlandish statements that because he wasn’t in office would have no effect on him personally. Now every time he open his mouth it has consequences to him. He has turned himself from a critic of the system to a laughing stock of the system. His position as a world leader is non existent he has destroyed our place In the world. He believes like Nixon did that the President can do anything he wants or say whatever he wants it it will automatically be considered to be truth and the right thing. We were able to stop Nixon because he got caught. This man surrounds himself with lackeys that will lie to protect him. It seems now that this wall of lackeys is starting to develop some cracks. The problem is his supporters still believe in him. Now granted most are uneducated bigots but they still vote. I hope this year sees an end to the Trumpster and his lackeys but if it doesn’t I for see him being reelected and the country becoming a third world dictatorship. With that being said I’m going to get a cup of coffee and watch the playoffs while Flounder does his thing which sleep. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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