December 2, 2018

December is here and with that comes holidays and the end of another year. Lets talk about the end of the year and what it means. It means we’re another year old but necessarily wiser. Have yo eve considered the pros and cons of getting older. Well first you get to see all this new stuff that come s around. You know what I mean. I’ve seen rotary phone replaced by touch tone phones them cordless phones cell phones right up to todays smart phones. TV from 9 inch black and white to color 21”, 24”, 32” Right up to 85” flat screen smart TV’s. Radio from little Crystal sets up to Stereo components. HiFi to Stereo. Music from reel to reel tape to 8 track, Cassettes Vinyl to CD’s and back to Vinyl. Walkman, to Portable CD players, to music on you phone. I’ve seen man walking on the moon ,rockets to Mars. Polio Vaccine cures foe Malaria, the Flu, Measles and more. Now that covers the science and technology stuff. Now comes life and history. I saw the Korean war, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, 911 and far to much. One of the surprising things is that with science the science fiction writers seem to be able to predict the future or at least stimulate creative thought. But one thing becomes crystal clear as you get older people don’t seem to learn from their mistakes when it comes to life. A scientist learns from his or hers mistakes but when it come to the human condition we never learn. Look at the Mid East, we’ve been trying to control what happens over there for just about forever, but if we really looked at that area we’d see that its not about religion, thats just an excuse these people really don’t like outsiders or each other for that matter. i’m convinced we’ll never really solve the Mid East problem, but if we’re lucky we might contain it. Now look at the rest of the world, something like 40% or more don’t believe that the Holocaust really happened so they turn a blind eye to racism Anti Semanism and what happens politicians see it as a way to gain power. You can see it in the recent events in the United States and some countries in Europe and South America. You say how can this be and I look at history and see that’s exactly what people said before. So as you can see there are a lot of great reasons for getting older but if you just sit around and reminisce and don’t try to correct your mistakes you’ll never get to live on Mars or live in peace. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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