August 18, 2018

I borrowed this pic from the web Well yesterday Fats got some really bad news. His friend of over thirty years had passed away in his sleep. David Bryans and Fats shared a love of music, although David was the knowledgeable one. Fats and David met while working at the Library Restaurant in Cedar Knolls NJ. They were both bartenders, Jeff (thats Fats real name) came by way of the Rusty Scupper restaurant in West Orange. David from Molly Malone’s in Whippany. I don’t know what it was that brought us together back then but i’m glad it did. David was thee for me for my first marriage and subsequent divorce. He helped me get sober and stay that way. He was there for the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. A real honest to God true friend. When we left the Library we were both fired at different times he went back to Molly’s and I bounced around for awhile. But regardless where I was I would always find time to stop and see Dave The Wave. I wold walk in and hear “Jeff Bruff how the hell are you” Even as just two weeks ago when I called from here I got that greeting usually accompanied by where the hell have you been. The worst part of all this was the last time I called I was cut off and when I tried to call back I just got his voice mail. I left a message saying I’d call back in the next couple of days well I never got around to it and I will regret that for the rest of my life. David had been battling Cancer for awhile losing half his left leg in the process. But I don’t think thats what got him. A few years ago Dave told me he had a dream and in this dream he had a heart attack. Well a little later when he saw his doctor he found out he did have a heart attack. He was taking some expensive medicine for his heart but if you Dave you knew he didn’t stop smoking or eating steaks. Dave never got married and only had a couple of girl friends that I’m aware of but he seemed content. For years he would run a rafting trip on Delaware River. He would bitch and moan and threating to stop because he was always after people to pay up. But deep down inside I know he looked forward to it each and every year but alas eventually people got old and that was that. David was the one you talked to if you wanted to know how the rest of the gang was doing. I know David had a lot og family visit and a couple of friends stopped by but mostly we had all moved away so it was the phone that kept us in touch. Only a few year ago David got his first cell phone and I don’t think he ever got a smart phone or a computer. David was old school. I know there will be a lot of people at the end but a lot like myself won’t be able to make it. I know our good friend Bruce and his wife will be there I would hope Meg can make but shes sending kids of to college. Kristin who was staying with Dave at the end will be there. Kristin and I disagree on just about everything but she is a truly good person. Big Bob might not make it he has his won health issues to deal with and as for me well I just can’t afford it I did get up there about three years ago to see him and i’m glad for that. The problem with getting old is not what you get to see it’s what you lose along the way. What bothers me the most is the ones I lose are all younger than me and some in better health. I hope Dave is somewhere floating on a river with a cigarette in on hand and a glass of Dewars in the other with some of the great musicians who’ve gone before jamming. Maybe Dave will even break out his old guitar and join in it would be great. Well Dave I have to stop now or I’ll really start to cry I will miss you for as long as I live. This is a very sad Fats and his buddy Flounder saying farewell my friend.

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