August 16, 2018

What a day first the great Aretha Franklin passes away and then the Trumpster starts screaming about the corrupt news papers. I figured out Aretha is one of a few super stars that I never got to see live and now I never will. When she first started out if you were white and wanted to go to one of her concerts your parents would warn you against it. They weren’t necessarily racists they just felt that all rock and roll concerts were dangerous, they weren’t. I too a date to a concert headlined by the Spinners all the acts were black. It was the girls idea to go but now that we were there she was scared. All around us were some pretty tuff looking African Americans. They seemed to sense her distress as they tapped me on tha shoulder and said don’t worry we’re here just for the music. She was still scared but I ended up sharing a joint with them and having a great time because it was just about the music. Thats how was wit music I didn’t care it if the groups were Black , White, or Hispanic. It was just about the music and Aretha was the Queen of soul. There was nothing like driving down the shore on the Garden State Parkway doing 90+ with the volume jacked up and Aretha singing RESPECT. Well you can’t do 90 on a Sunday on the parkway anymore and you have to find an oldies station to Aretha but I still have my memories. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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