August 9, 2018

Well fats was just thinking out loud before so I decided to have write a few of his thoughts. Hi people, fats here and so are my thoughts. I know a lot of people think the Trumpster is really great and I’ve talked a lot about how I don’t think so. Heres a little more on that subject. If you like the Trumpster I’m pretty sure you don’t agree with everything he says, but I do know that a lot of his supporters believe it all. So I started to think what happens if he gets a second term and more importantly what will the country look like afterward. If the Trumpster gets a second term I’m fairly certain it will be the end of social security and other so called entitlement programs. Tha twill be abd but I think the real problem will be the state of the country. Will we be reduced to a racist third world dictatorship of sorts or will the country become ungovernable as a whole. Now you say that these things can’t happen well, but they can. First remember the disparage between the rich and the poor and when I say poor I mean anyone not making 100,000 dollars a year. A very small percentage of people control most of the wealth in the country I think its less that 17% and the gap will get much bigger with the Trumpster in office. That could lead to a revolution like you’ve seen in other countries especially in central and south America. Poor people taking over the Government and becoming the new elite without any idea how to balance their governments checkbook. Now when I say the the country could become ungovernable as a whole I mean just that it could break down into a lot of smaller country like states. Similar to what happened back in the civil war only this won’t be about Slavery this one will be about natural resources, such as food, oil, and fresh water. These will be the main problem areas because these are things that we will run out of sooner than later. When you say this can’t happen look at history and how all the great societies fell some of them never to be found again and relegated to legend status. Think about it oil will only last another may 50 years. So how do we grow enough food without machines and then how do we get that food from where its grown to the rest of the country. Now there are more than enough alternatives to see to this. The only problem is that in his move to make America great again the Trumpster is shelving these programs. All this just means that the Terminator was right we are our own worst enemy. This is Fats say thanks to Flounder for the space and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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