August 5, 2018

irst I want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wife Ruby. It’s been a great 14 years hope we can make another 14. Well now I’ll turn it over to my pal Flounder who has a question for you. Hey gang you ready, well here’s my question what constitutes making America great again? Is it jobs or making rich people richer I want to know. We have to look at what the administration has done not just the Trumpster. You say why he’s the President and if we want to stop him we just have to get rid of him. Well I wish that were true. If we got rid of him tomorrow you’d still have two years of Pence, which could be worse. You’d have two year of all the other ass hole still screwing around. Now lets get back to what will make America great again and here’s another question what was so bad about it before. It wasn’t perfect but the rest of the world was jealous of us, now they just laugh at us. When people say make America great again ae they talking about putting kids to work in factories. Are they talking about having air quality like New York and LA had back in the sixties when you had to ware masks in order to breath though the pollution. Are they talking about get 9 miles to the gallon of gas. Are they talking about bringing back segregation. It seem to me that yes thats what they’re talking about. We are humans and as such we are greedy. This manifests itself when you look at politicians and corporate executives that would rather make more money then they could ever spend and forget the what their actions will do to their children. Do you know one of the biggest laws in Physics? It goes something like this for every action there will be an equal or opposite action. It sort of means if you do something today it will effect tomorrow. They seem to think that they can take take from good old mother earth and it will last forever. Well look I have to join Ruby and Fats to celebrate their anniversary so I’ll just say this is Flounder and his good buddy Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Great Picture!!! you both look the same Happy Anniversary no comment on politics never watch or listen to any of it same old same old


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