July 22, 2018

We all know that fats is a equal opportunity hater when it comes to politicians, but the Trumpster is going out of his way to lead the pack. The Trumpster doesn’t consider himself a real politician or at least thats what he says. But one thing they have in common is that if their lips are moving they’re lying. I think the one thing that might separate them is that the politicians knows he lying and the Trumpster can’t tell the difference between lies and the truth. The Trumpster believes everything he says unless they prove hes wrong then he just says he didn’t mean it that way or that he never said it. Now the fact that he does this is important because those that think hes the Greatest President ever believe everything that come out of his mouth. Now as you know Fats and I don’t live in the US we live in Colombia, which gives us access to people and news from all over the world and I can tell public opinion is that hes nuts, a joke of a world leader. The real scary part of that is that it seems that politicians like all that make America great again even though they know we can’t turn back the present. I read an article today that I agree with that simply put the Trumpster and the rest are driving the world towards the 1930s. When I say the rest the rule of the elitist is beginning to be challenged but instead of bring in those people that might do some good the world is backtracking. In the United States the tow party system is under attack from all sides and I think thats a good thing. The problem comes that the one who want to change things are listening to the wrong people. They think that they can get Steele, Coal,and manufacturing jobs back. Well maybe if they had started 20 years ago they could. Now it’s not just China and other cheap labor countries that threaten us its Robotics a¿or automation if you prefer. None of the area I listed above will ever employ near what they used to. Simply put most of those workers have or will be replaced by machines. So not only is the Trumpster lying about bringing those jobs back they’re not there for him to bring back. I think that the Trumpster accomplished one thing and hopefully America will wake up before its to late. That one thing is a reality check. Time for Fats and me to take our nap. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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