July 17, 2018

Well the Trumpster really stepped in it this time and I ‘m not sure even his bull shit can get out of it. As to people calling him a traitor I’m not sure what he did actually meets the criteria for that but it is close. What he did do is prove once and for all that either he has a mental disorder or is just friggin stupid. I would love to talk to those people who the last month commented on negative articles and comments that I’ve posted about him and said and I quote “GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER”. What I worry about now is that hes probably doing something horrible right now while we’re all busy calling him a traitor. I’m sure he’ll try and bullshit his way out of this and that his loyal followers in the KKK and other far right groups will still blindly support him. I’ve noticed in increased commentary on Facebook calling for his impeachment. You should remember if he is impeached his replacement is Pence, you know the one who is possibly more screwed up then then the Trumpster. The really sad thing about this is that the American people with their limited attention span will probably forget about this and watch the All-Star game instead. This is a very pissed off Flounder and his buddy Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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