July 15, 2018

This has been one of those weeks when you decide to sit down and write something and something new is said or done to change the direction of the post . So today i’m just going to do it and see what happens. The United States has a president that I believe suffers from some sort of attention deficit disorder. He also is a narcissist of the highest order also he’s probably a psychopath since he has no empathy for anyone. Now having said that i’m at a lost of how some people I know can support him and refer to him as the greatest president ever. Some of these people are gay but they are also racists. They are going to wake up one day and find themselves locked up not for being a racist but for being gay. Gay is on thing the Trumpster won’t tolerate. The Trumpster’s innuendos have given substance to the racial undercurrent that has existed in this country forever. It appears to disappear every once in awhile but it doesn’t. You didn’t see a lot of it in major Northern or west coast cities for awhile but it was always there. The Trumpster expresses his racism by either blaming Obama for just about everything or undoing everything Obama did in his eight years as president. A recent example of this is his blaming the Obama administration for the indictment ot the 18 Russian hackers even though they met wit members of the Trumpster’s election committee who were asking for dirt on Clinton. At some point in time he’s going to have to start excepting blame for what he’s done to civil rights in this country. That is if we still have a country left after he done pissing the world off. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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