July 8, 2018


Oh well I had a busy week and I guess this post will have to do. I try and look for something good and positive to write about and it ain’t easy. I read this morning that they were able to get 4 of the 12 boys stuck in that cave out and that was good. I also read that the Trumpster says he working closely wit Thailand to get them out. Hows he doing that from the golf course. The only American presence over there comes form Elon Musk sending some engineers over to see if they could help. I see where the EPA chief resigned and every body was cheering and then I read his replacement might even be worse. I’ve said this many time when people have said we need to get rid of this guy or that be careful what you wish for. Lets see what else well I spent Friday with the gran kids and Saturday recovering from the visit. Plans are in the works for my father inlaws 80th birthday party. Should be a nice time. My wife Ruby is not baby siting the grand kids any more so now she sits around the house being bored and mad at me. I haven’t gotten around to making the you tube videos I spoke about but I promise they’re coming. I watched Colombia lose in the world cup and then blame the ref. The ref did leave a lot to be desired but he didn’t cause them to lose the game. The rainy season appears to be over so here comes the heat. ruby’s son harder says there I are two seasons in Colombia rain and heat. I think hes probably right about that. Besides being hot its pretty quiet around here right now and I’m not sure why. Could be depression from being out of the world cup because now the big sport on TV is the Tour De France bicycle race which to me is exciting as watching grass grow in the outfield of Yankee stadium. Well look I ‘ve babbled enough if I keep going I’ll be into politics again so I’ll just this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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