May 20, 2018

Well another week and another school shooting and still people believe more guns are the answer. In the one in Texas there were TWO armed response officers at the school yet a boy carrying a shot gun and a 38 caliber pistol was allowed to get in and kill 10 people while wounding 10 others so what happened. Well now they want to blame too many doors. So the doors that are there to allow kids to safely exit the school in case of emergency should be locked so shooters can’t get in. If you listen to these people you’ll get a picture of something like a prison atmosphere. Now all I can do is print the facts as I see them I don’t have any solutions and I don’t think there is just one. But one thing I am positive about is something must be done because this is becoming almost the norm. The big problem in arriving at a solution is that everybody has one and they think there’s is the only way. The other problem is angry and scared parents demanding solutions and politicians that want to form committees to study what they think is the problem. At this rate nothing will be done and kids will stop going to school for fear of not a final exam but of dying. Remember I said there is no one solution to this problem and you have big money on both sides. Gun control is one answer another is electing responsible government officials who aren’t and won’t be intimidated by lobbyists with deep pockets. This a complicated problem that deals with a lot of social issues that will take time to solve but in the mean time something should be done other than politicians standing around making speeches and doing nothing. And for you real anti gun people removal of guns is only one small step in solving this school shooting problem. If we don’t look at the causes beyond gun control we won’t be able to make our schools completely safe ever again. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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