May 13, 2018

Today is Mother’s Day all over the world, which to me is a sad thing because I think motherhood should be celebrated every day not just once a year. Everybody good or bad has or had a mother and pretty much we all know who she is or was. We owe our very existence to a woman. You know the biblical story of Adam and Eve well if she never bit that apple there’s a good chance you and I would not be here. Mothers are taken for granted especially by us guys because its really not coll to be a mama’s boy. Although we’ll defend her honor with our lives letting her kiss us when she drops us off for school ain’t very cool. We love it but it can be embarrassing, we all know how cruel kids can be. I for one know that everything smart and good that I am I got from my mom. My dad I got practical things like how to lose my temper and build things. My mom tried to get me to like cultural things and I did love plays. Her love of westerns rubbed off on me. But my nieces gave her someone to teach the love of ballet. I got her love of music starting with Frank Sinatra. She even got me to like Elvis. I got her love of books I am a voracious reader ( Last year I read over 500). When I got older she never said to me don’t do that ( maybe she should of) she sad she just wanted me to be happy. I’m sure I caused her all kinds of grief growing up. And maybe sometimes I didn’t tell how much she meaned to me but she did and still does. I’m 72 now and that makes me nearer to the end of my life than the beginning. it’s sad that we waste so much of life growing up that we don’t get to appreciate moms. I know it’s different for guys than girls because its cool for girls to show affection to there moms in front of their peers. I feel bad for my nieces and nephews who had there parent taken at an early age. But I look at them and I know that they will be OK because even though their mom left early she did one heck of a job raising them. I need to stop now I’m getting a little chocked up and have to go. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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