May 6, 2018

Time to talk about what appears to be my readers least favorite topic STUFF. Why you say? Because it’s spring cleaning time and thats when your supposed to get rid of STUFF. Now we all know what really happens don’t we. You find that baseball glove you haven’t touched in thirty years or that card you go when you were sick forty years ago. Hopefully you’ve already got rid of all those old love letters to and from other people that your wife or current live in. What is it that makes us want to hold onto stuff we neither use or even look at anymore until its time to move or clean out the garage, attic, basement or what ever. Well for one they’re represent memories that may have slipped ot the back of the mind and seeing these items makes you remember. I think pictures are important because they capture a specific event, I don’t need toys or other items to remind me of the past. I remember those time that are important so I don’t need old furniture or anything else to remind me. I like photos simple because they let yo see exactly what things looked like awhile ago and you can show them to others. Maybe i’m not sentimental but when I look at old pictures I really don’t look at the people other that to see what the style of the time might be or the country side compares to today. I do keep thing that my Mom gave me or that I gave to my mo when she was alive. But not so much for memories as my memories of her are forever burned into my mind or at lest thats what I tell myself. I keep them because they are unique and my wife likes them just like I do. But other thing such as childhood toys or such have long disappeared. So as you begin your spring cleaning think do really need that old glove or is the photo of you playing catch with it and you old man better. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    I get rid of stuff I no longer wear – cat clawed furniture out the door – but never never do I get rid of my old love letters I do think it’s a girl thing


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