December 31, 2017

Well it time for the last post of the year and you know what that means we talk about STUFF. If you go around your house open closets and cabinets you will see that you have more stuff then you think. Now the question of the day is what do you do with all that stuff. Every year we get more stuff some we buy for ourselves some is given to us by others and every year we try to figure out what to do with all the old stuff we have. We could sell it or while being tacky we could re-gift some of it. Then of if all else fails just leave it out on the curb. It seem that no matter what your economical level you always want more stuff. Apple knows this when every year or so they come out with a new cell phone and people stand in line to buy it even though their old cell phone might be ok. Yes I do have a cell phone I get my wifes hand me downs. I don’t use except to talk to my wife when she not home, we’ll talk another time about cell phones. This phenomenon is not just an American one it would seem it’s world wide and goes back to prehistoric times. But as we all know it’s becoming a big problem as to what to do with all the old stuff. We do something that other countries don’t do or at least don’t do the extent we do and that is waste stuff. We discard things not because we done with them or they don’t work anymore we do it because we’re bored and there’s something new out there we want now. Manufactures know this because they build an obsolescence factor into their products. Automobiles are a good example as they have on the average a 2 year obsolescence factor. What this means is that around the two year mark the maintenance cost begin to rise disproportional to the value of the car. So rather than putting money into it people are convinced to buy a new one. Along with this the introduce new models or change the design making buying a new one seem more attractive. Cars aren’t the only thing that this process applies too it’s built into just about everything in our lives. But what we never seem to think about is, whats going to happen to our old stuff. Some people hoard there old stuff some give it to charity some actually do leave it at the curb. But the real point is why we got it in the first place because if we needed it that badly why would we suddenly decide we didn’t need it and go out and get new stuff. Well that should make you want to keep on drinking. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR .

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