December 10, 2017

It’s the holiday season and we should all be looking forward to spending time with our families and friends not worrying about whether we’ll have health insurance or will our children have a planet to grow up on. But the people in charge of the government have other ideas. They’re using this time to sneak every bad idea they have pass us while we’re stressed out trying to get ready for the holidays. I know how everybody feels right now they don’t want to hear about taxes and insurance they just want to see the smile on their kids faces listen to Christmas music drink spiked eggnog. Now I’m not here to make you depressed because the reality of the situation is we’ve waited too long to try and do something about it. I can hear all the people that have been posting the get the Trumpster out posts on Facebook screaming NO NO it’s not too late. But sadly Virgina there will be no Santa Claus this year. You can but the blame on politicians and you’d be right to an extent but people have been willing to let the mediocrity that has passed for government just go along. Then they got pissed the ones that have lost jobs and we’re looking for someone to blame other than themselves. I can sympathize I’ve lost jobs without another one on the horizon so I would work two sometimes three jobs of lesser pay to try and survive and yes I’ve twice been personally bankrupt but I am what my mother used to call me a survivor and now I set in another country living a good life. But yet I still write about problems I see in the US you say and to that I say you’re right. But my living in another country and being retired gives me another perspective on what’s going on. I get to see what the rest of the world really thinks of us and I don’t have pressure on me to keep a job I’m old so I don’t give a shit about repercussions for what I write or say. Wish I didn’t see what I see or hear what I hear of course I would love to able to be oblivious to it all and just enjoy life but by some quirk of fate I can’t. Thank God I got my pal Flounder around to help me forget once in awhile. But then I see my Nephews up there and my Niece up there and I fear that they may never have the chance to make the mistakes I have or enjoy the success’s I have. Well listen it’s getting near the end of the year and you know that means a post about stuff is coming and some holiday stuff barring of course nothing dramatic happens. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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