September 3, 2017

Well this has been a strange week a lot of ups and downs for me at least. The downs were hurricane Harvey and the damage it caused, that idiot of a Presidents response, a huge fire in California, and North Koreas missile launch. The ups for me were I got to spend a couple of days with my wife and my niece Janet and her friend Sandra. We spent a day taking Medellin’s famous cable car up to about 9000 feet. Had a great lunch in the hotel at the top then came down so she could meet Ruby’s sons Hader and John as well as John’s wife and Ruby’s to grand kids Natai and Hari. So it was a great day on Saturday we went shopping for souvenirs for them and I’m not the world’s best tag along with those kinds of things but we once again had a fabulous lunch I tell everybody I’m not going to eat again till Tuesday. Now today were just lying around the house resting.
One of the things I saw this week once you got past all the news people trying to get people to say or do something stupid was a story I read on face book where a person made an observation about how all races and nationalities were just helping those who needed it without checking their ID or citizenship or the color of their skin. This is a sad reality that it takes something as horrible as massive flooding and damage from a hurricane to bring people to the conclusion that we all need each other. The really sad thing that in a week or two they’ll all go back to what is now considered normal. The police will star checking Id’s immigration will become an issue again and well you know the rest. I will never be able to understand how this works. You know on day everybody is pulling together to save each other and the next the name calling comes back. It doesn’t help when you have a leader that has no idea what the word empathy means and is only concerned with his own agenda. It would be great if the state of Texas woke up tomorrow and said Wow we really need each other and color and nationality don’t mean a thing. Well I can dream can’t I? This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “ANOTHER WILD WEEK”

  1. valerie said

    When I was in high school having a discussion with friends we all agreed that in our life we would never see a black president thankfully I was wrong now hoping I will see us all getting together with no judgement.


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