July 30, 2017

Well the Trumpster didn’t get his wish and Obama Care is still there but for how long. Here’s what I don’t get it took a Bi- Partisan act to get it passed in the first place and almost immediately afterward Republicans said they hated it and it should be gone. Since I don’t live in the United States anymore and have never had to personally deal with Obama Care I really don’t know how it works. What I do know it got people that didn’t have insurance insurance. That was the excuse Health insures always used as to why premiums were so high. They were blaming it on the number of uninsured in the country and the cost of caring for them. The Trumpster is so pissed off he couldn’t replace Obama care with his plan or I should say the Republican plan, that he’s threatening what would amount to defunding it which would leave millions of sick people without insurance or financially unable to obtain it. This brings us to what the hell is going on in this country? Are we so racist that we’re willing to let people die so that we can ruin the black Presidents Legacy? I live in a country where my insurance costs me about 45 dollars a month. I live in a country where just about everybody gets health insurance. I live in a country where the specialist I had to see for my back was a graduate of the Harvard Medical School and that visit cost me a 3 dollar co pay. You on the other hand live in a country where insurance can cost more than rent and every time somebody want s to reduce the cost the congress and the senate get all bet out of shape. If the Democrats propose something the Republicans hate it if the Republicans propose a plan the Democrats hate it and neither one will propose one that’s good for the little guy. Remember I’ve said this many times before the people that are voting on your health care have never had to worry where there’s was coming from. The United States is the only world power without universal health care and our in fighting about the issue is just another reason the rest of the world laughs at you. Oh and here is one last point it’s easier to get pet insurance in the US than it is to get it for you. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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