July 2, 2017

I just read that Caroline Kennedy is considering running for senator in New York State in 2018. It seems a lot of people are excited for this, I’m not so sure yet. First I would like to know if the party machine is behind this or is she going to be independent. Second are the people that are excited about his excited because A she’s a woman, B she has the Kennedy name, or C they think she’ll do a good job. I think she’s a good person I’m not sure she’s ready for Washington politics. I’ve seen it ruin nice people and send them home and I’ve seen corrupt nice people. I hope people who vote for her don’t vote because she’s a Kennedy or a woman or a Democrat but rather because they see some hope for the future in her. She apparently has also expressed some possible interest in the Presidency. If this is true she probably wouldn’t run until 2024. Why not 2020 you ask because I think that if the Trumpster lasts that long it will be to nasty a campaign, one I don’t think she or anyone else with long term aspirations wants any part of. I still think that this Democrat Republican thing needs to be changed. I would love to see her run as a strong Independent I think she might have a better chance. Remember the Kennedy name has lost a lot of it magic in political circles the last few years and being a good ambassador to Japan doesn’t give you a huge advantage even if everybody says she did a great job. This is something we’ll have to keep an eye on to see how it plays out. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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