June 25, 2017

It’s that time again for me and fats to comment on something. Today I decided to be like a lot of the media and politicians and see what the Democratic Party can do to fix itself. I took a look at lists of potential 2020 Democratic p Presidential candidates. There are several out there I just scanned them because a lot of them I’ve never heard of before. So let look at some names we know. First up good old Hillary Clinton who will be 71 in 2020, she had stamina problems in 2016 and also was disconnected like the rest of her party form the voters. I don’t think she’ll run and I really don’t think she should. Next up we have Joe Biden who will be 77 in 2020 I think if he was to run it should have been 2016 I don’t think he has a chance in 2020. Then you have Bernie Sander who will be 78 in 2020 and they’re already throwing dirt at him and his wife now. I’m not sure at hi s age he want to go through the bull shit of a Presidential campaign. One of the youngest people mentioned is Corey Booker. I am fairly certain that after the Trumpster America is not ready for young Black man from New Jersey to be President. Some interesting names coming up are Michele Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Now Michele would be interesting depending on how much backlash still exits against women, blacks and wives of Ex- Presidents. As far as Oprah Winfrey goes I’ll refer you to the comedian Sinbad who once said he considered her the most dangerous person in America because a little knowledge is dangerous when applied to people. Our personal opinion is that there is someone out there that we haven’t heard from yet who can straighten this country out that the people can accept and I don’t mean the Trumpster or any of his minions. Well the next couple of years should be interesting pay attention or you’ll likely miss something important. Oh and by the way I’d like to see Senator Al Franken run just for the laughs.This is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    I love Corey Booker


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