June 17, 2017

Ok it’s Fathers Day and I’m actually writing this on Saturday since we have family plans for tomorrow. This week was an exceptional bad one in terms of disasters. First as you’ve all heard a 24 story apartment went up in flames in London England and as of this morning 58 people have lost their lives. I’m not a fire fighter or arson inspector or anything else that might make me qualified to say what happen there, but I will say I’ve never seen film of a fire that climbed that fast or could gut a building in such a short time. it won’t make a difference to those that died but somebody did something that was really wrong in building the building. Second tragedy was a shooting that took place at a ball field in Washington DC, where Republicans were practicing for a charity event later in the week; several people were hit including the ranking member of congress Steve Scalise who was critically injured. What was even more tragic was the partisan reaction with both parties blaming the rhetoric of the other as the cause of the shooting. There was even a call from some rep from Kentucky to loosen gun rule in Washington so they could all carry guns to Congress. Boy that’s all we need crazy politicians walking around the capital all carrying guns. The third and final tragedy of the week happened out west and has become all too familiar. It was a work place shooting where a disgruntled employee shot and killed four people. Now I guess you want to see me write something about control or the lack of. But honestly I don’t know what to say. We’ve become a society where the use of violence to settle disputes seems to be the norm. No laws will stop this from continuing although some could make it worse. The why of this happening is way above our pay grade and we wouldn’t begin to know where to start. You can see why I wrote this the day before Fathers Day, it just didn’t seem appropriate for a day in which we honor our fathers. I welcome any commentary you may have on a answer to this situation. Maybe if enough of us start to discuss this in a reasonable way we might be able help put a stop to it. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “IT MAKES NO SENSE”

  1. valerie said

    Not much for me to say – you are preaching to the choir it just gets worster and worster I know there is no such word – but there should be


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