January 29, 2017

603101_10200262962761274_1667488794_nBy now you’ve all read my Trumpster comments and some are now calling me a liberal Democrat hack. Well I don’t like label like liberal, conservative and I especially don’t like terms like Democrat or Republican. You see I think all politicians suck. And to further clarify my opinion I thought Hillary was a crook and a liar as well. What really bothers me about politicians is their elitist attitude towards the common man or woman. You they think that we really don’t know what’s good for us and we need them to tell us. That’s why they say one thing to get elected then turn around and do something else. But wait you say didn’t the Trumpster ok his wall, ban Muslims and threaten business’s with tariffs if they don’t come back to the US. Well yes and no. Yes because he did sign executive orders to do those things. But no, because they will be challenged and quite possibly blocked by Congress and the Courts. So what did he do that wasn’t what he said he was going to do? He didn’t empty the swamp he stocked it with Goldman Sacks people and old time politicians. See they all do this Obama was no saint in this regard. I mean look at the last really beloved Presidents JFK and Regan. JFK turned out to be a womanizer who stacked his cabinet with friends. Now you can’t say the Trumpster stacked his government with friend because don’t believe he has any real friends just business associates. Everybody pretty much loved Regan but once he was out and the democrats got in they wanted to change everything just like now. Speaking of change since its inception the Republicans have wanted to repeal Obama care. Well that’s OK with me but let’s have a plan to replace it first so as not to cause more confusion. I find this party based politics sucks and prevents real progress from being made. Maybe we need another major party. But wait you say that will just cause confusion. What the hell is going on now? Look for more on this from us in the future also we promise to bring back some humor from time to time as well as favorite stories on STUFF. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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