January 23, 2017

img_20170122_0001By now you’ve all seen the video clip of the Trumpster walking in to the white house and leaving his wife at the curb. I was wondering how many of you were surprised by this? I wasn’t one I’ve seen the Trumpster walk on stage or into a room and the only thing he cares about is that he’s the center of attention. He never lets anyone have the last word and he’s not going to let his wife go first. If he could he wouldn’t let the secret service walk in front of him. Now I have some friends that are upset with me for picking on the Trumpster. Those that are real die hard supporters are complaining about me because I don’t live in the United States. I understand this and if I could afford it I would go back and live there. But I can’t afford it I mean I pay $37.00 a month for health insurance and if there’s a co pay it’s usually around one or two dollars. Now not even Obama care was that good. I have a 3 bedroom apartment that costs about 290 dollars I live on 1327.00 dollars a month sometimes with a little left over to put into savings. If I was back in the US I would have to work and my body says that ain’t going to happen. So when you show me where I can live on what I earn and have what I have in the US I will be more than happy to return, in the mean time I’m still a citizen with taxes and everything else so feel there’s no problem in me exercising my constitutional right of free speech. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin,Colombia.By the way that’s me in 1957


  1. valerie said

    I did not watch any of the him at all on Fri, so I did not see him leave her behind but it does not surprise me he’s sickening. Good blog


  2. valerie said

    good picture of you by the way so innocent


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