January 22, 2017

14993387_10154273237048935_6387091328721715639_nI actually had something else in mind in the way of a post for today, but after reading some comments about the women’s march yesterday I decided to take this direction instead. First let say congratulations to those who marched you really pulled it off now you must keep it going. You need not to listen to the Trumpster’s tweets but instead keep an eye on you r state and federal legislator use him as a distraction while they pass laws that will strip you of your rights. The Trumpster is just words the rest of them will do his dirty work. If you study his business’s you’ll notice that whenever something unpleasant had to be done he would do his best to distance himself from it. The republicans are trying desperately to remove most if not all of Obama’s legislation and I don’t object to that I object to the fact that they have nothing to put in its place. This has been going on for eight years. Which brings me to another point, maybe this two party system has become so bogged down with partisan politics as to render it obsolete. It may just be a time for change. But ladies getting back to you, it’s necessary for you to remain united if you want to accomplish anything other than TV ratings. I would suggest pulling together and taking on the issues one at a time. By doing this you’ll have the strength in numbers to make the politicians listen. I’ve just read comments from the Trumpster about you march yesterday and he wants to know why you didn’t vote that and his lie about his TV ratings for his inauguration are making me laugh so hard it’s difficult for me to type this. Any married or in a relationship guy will tell it’s not a smart idea to piss off a woman, and it would appear that the Trumpster pissed off most of them in the world. Ladies, women I’m not sure how to address you but I do look forward to helping support your efforts to thwart the Trumpster plans for America, by doing so we might just save the world. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia. PS look for more frequent posting from now on.

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