January 20, 2017

maxresdefaultWell it’s done the Trumpster is officially the president. He’s asked American to swear allegiance to the United States sort of what Hitler did when he was sworn in as chancellor of Germany. But I’m not saying the Trumpster is a Fascist I don’t know that and it would be wrong for me to say so. I will say that he’s the most ignorant president we’ve ever had and that’s more dangerous than being a Fascist in my opinion. He believes Climate Change is a hoax he wants to increase Coal production he wants to bring back Steel production to the US. Hey Trumpster it left because countries like Japan produced a cheaper and higher quality of steel, just like when imports starting flooding the market people bought them because yes they were cheaper but they were also better made. I’d like to see manufacturing return but not at the expense of the environment. But I don’t think it’s feasible to think that manufacturing employment number will ever reach the highs of the past. He says buy American and Hire American I don’t see John Q citizen washing dishes at the restaurant on the corner. I don’t see American butting in 18 hour days at the 7/11. It will also cause inflation. You see if you charge more for products people need more money to pay for the so they want raises now when that happens it effects the bottom line of the corporation which means the CEOS can’t get paid as much so what happens? Prices go up and the cycle begins all over. It happens over night not over months. Look at the gas pumps it takes about 4 months for oil in the pipeline to get from wherever to your pumps. But if the price of oil goes up this morning the price of your gasoline goes up this afternoon. How do think those oil companies make those ridicules profit numbers. I don’t see the Trumpster going down in history books that way he wants I see a lot of heart ache ahead for the little guy and the rest of the world. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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