January 15, 2017

ringling-brothers-and-barnum-and-bailey Gonna be a couple of posts today on account I have two different topics to discuss. First I just read that Ringling Brothers Circus is closing after a 146 year. I saw that PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) is claiming victory well they can kiss my ass. If it wasn’t for the circus and zoos millions of children would never get to really know how beautiful and majestic animal can be. I first went to the Circus when I was very young. Before the main performance we were able to visit what was called the menagerie where I got to feed elephants and monkeys. Back then the animals I saw seemed to be doing ok but I was kid so I really don’t know. I know the ASPCA went after the circus for mistreatment of Asian elephants. The claim was mad by a barn worker for the circus. The suit was dismissed when the judge decided the worker wasn’t credible. In 2012 Ringling sued the ASPCA under the RICO act and was awarded 9.2 million dollars when it was proved the ASPCA had paid the barn worker 190,000 dollars to file the suit. Feld who was owner of the circus also got 25.2 million dollars from animal right groups for defamation of character. The circus employ’s full time vets and in 1995 opened the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida for breeding research and retirement of its Asian elephants. All domestic dogs that perform in the circus are rescued from pounds. The circus also participates in breeding programs for endangered species, something I don’t see PETA doing. The Tigers in the circus are retired to Big Cat Reserve. And I know that the famous trainer Gunther Williams built a retirement reserve for all of his animals when he retired. So here we sit one old guy that remembers the animals and developed a love for all animals from watching the circus and on the other side you have an organization, which does a lot of good but would make it impossible for the average adult or child to ever see these animals in real life. Down here in Colombia I went to the famed criminal Pablo Escobar’s home which has been turned into a zoo and got to see Tigers, Lions, Monkees, Hippos and even a Rhino running around enjoying themselves. Without the circus and the zoo these animal will be nothing more than pictures in a book. Without the circus I would never have met Emmett Kelly the sad clown. So yes to me this is a sad day because children won’t be able to dream of running away to join the circus anymore. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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