January 13, 2017

9445881_orig The Trumpster would have you believe that the media is doing nothing but lying when they say something that is contrary to what he says. Now this isn’t the first time a president has accused the press of attacking him falsely remember Richard Nixon. The Trumpster wants to discredit the media because he’s a billionaire business man and like a politician he lies. Billionaire’s don’t become that by caring about the little guy no they get there by ruthlessly crushing those in their way. Do you think the Trumpster or Hillary really cared about the veterans or the poor and homeless? Look around you after all these years the most neglected groups are homeless, homeless vets, the elderly, orphans, and the American Indian. The last one might surprise you but they have the longest history of neglect. The Trumpster, Hillary, and the rest of the political world bring up these groups only when doing so will be beneficial to them or their purpose. This and other thing hidden in their past are what makes a free press scary to them. Let’s look back and compare. Remember Richard Nixon saying famously to the American people “I’m not a crook.” Sounds a lot like the denials of the Trumpster, Hillary and other politicians during and after the election doesn’t it. Without a free press and the work done by two reporters Bernstein, and Woodward and their famous informant Deep Throat Nixon would never have been caught and forced to resign to avoid criminal prosecution. I Believe the Trumpster remembers this and other incidents where wrong doing by a politician resulted in the press ruining their careers or at least their legacy’s. The fact that there is fake news out there is nothing new politicians and business men as well as countries have used misinformation to help put threw their own agendas. The Trumpster wants you to believe only what comes out of his mouth and not any other source. If any of you have read any of my posts you know my opinion of politicians they all lie and don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. Politicians are for the most part the elite of society the so called 1%. They believe that the average person doesn’t know what’s really good for them and that they, the politician does, and the Trumpster is definitely in this category. He might even be much worse since he believes, he even smarter than his fellow politicians. So in closing let me say what’s been said so many times before without a free press we would have long ago become a totalitarian society. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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