January 8, 2017

maxresdefaultIt’s a football playoff weekend and people are still talking about the Trumpster’s nominations for his cabinet and other positions. They’re screaming about how unqualified they all are. Well that may be I’m certainly no expert on their qualifications but I do know that they have all said some rather disturbing things about what they’re going to do. Now everybody is expecting them to all get approved by congress and the senate, but that doesn’t have to happen. Just recently the senate tries to dismantle the ethics committee. The resulting uproar from the public caused them to change their minds. If people react the same to the Trumpster’s choices we might just be able to throw a monkey wrench into his plans. Another thing they keep saying we’re going to repeal these programs on the first day the Trumpster’s in office. Ok but they have nothing to put in their place. I’ve said for a long time if you want to get rid of Obama care have something to put in its place. The Trumpster has alredy proved that he has no intentions of keeping his promises. Just look at the one to “Empty the Swamp” his nomination of x Goldman Sacs people is kind of like the invasion of pythons in the Everglades. He wants to use his position as President to secure his place as the richest man in the world. He’s a lot like President Santos in Colombia he has more concern for his families legacy than he does for the American people. The worst thing is he can’t take negative criticism without retaliating. He hasn’t been sworn in yet but he’s already starting to make tricky Dick look like an angel. Instead of plumbers he’ll use Russian hackers to obtain information on his detractors. Well I’m sure at some point I’ll make his list but in the mean time this Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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