January 2, 2017

Well it’s officially the end of the Holiday season and you know what that means? What to do with all the new STUFF you have and where do you put all the old STUFF you have. Now as your thinking about remember all that stuff you saved to your computer and now the hard drive is almost full, when you add that to your STUFF man that’s a lot of STUFF. I know you’d like to burn that sweater fro Aunt Sue and that Pokémon key chain from your niece and all those scarf’s and plaid socks and the rest of the stuff. But what about the old stuff now that you’ve got the latest smart TV and I Phone what do you do with the old STUFF. Now your old TV worked just fine and the picture was great and you old phone did everything the new phone does, except they weren’t the newest and coolest Stuff. Now in the old days you would keep that STUFF and give it to your kids like your old books which used to sit on a shelf in the living room but now reside in cyber space. Well at least they don’t take up a lot of room WRONG. Eventually you reach a point where you have no more room on you digital device to put new books so they get deleted. A shame to do that to something you really enjoyed isn’t it, but that’s what happens now because we got too much STUFF. Whatever happened to those family heirlooms that sat on the mantel over the fire place? Oh I see you took digital 3D pictures with your new virtual reality camera. I wonder how this planet will look in a few years what with Global warming and all old STUFF being discarded. We either have to move or find another planet for all our old STUFF. I mean even space is getting filled up with old STUFF. We can’t use the Moon it’s too nice so we have to find another planet we can use or we could just shoot our STUFF into the Sun but that might make it hotter and it would burn out sooner. Boy what to do with all our STUFF is a real pain in the neck. Well the only STUFF I have is a fifteen year old toy and a lot of poop. The toy ain’t going anywhere and the poop make s great fertilizer. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia. Have a happy STUFF day.

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