November 26, 2016

chief-joseph-fbFirst let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone hope you had a great day. Next Fidel Castro died. He was one of the most polarizing figures of my life time. The Trumpster has said he doesn’t like the deal we have to normalize relations with Cuba. At least that’s what he said a few days ago, which now brings me to this post. World leaders should be very wary of anything that comes out of his mouth. I won’t call him a liar but instead a waffle. That mean whatever he’s say is is iron clad position now it’s likely to change to suit his personal desires. Trump really doesn’t care how what he does or says effects the rest of us or he’s too stupid to realize it does affect us. Trump changes his mind on things fast than a chameleon changes colors. Now when you just a businessman all that happens is a few people get really screwed but when you president of a country and you do this millions will be affected, some will even lose their lives. What I trying to say here is what the American Indian has been saying about white men sense they invaded their country “WHITE MAN SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE”. Now that doesn’t bode well for our relations in the world. But unless the Trumpster can make a buck of a deal he doesn’t give a shit and the really sad thing is either does anyone in his family. Now you’re going to say isn’t that true about all politicians? The answer is for the most part yes but most aren’t in a position to cause world chaos. The Trumpster’s own supporters are beginning to get a taste of this now as he changes his mind on things like a special prosecutor for Hillary or the registration of all Muslims’ or the immigration ban against them to name just a couple. The Trumpster isn’t the typical lying politician he is much worse because he really, really doesn’t give s shit about anything but himself. So get out there protest pay attention to what is being said in Congress and the Senate. Investigate your local politicians in other word pay attention to all elections. Don’t make it easy for the Trumpster to change this country. Don’t be blinded by his promises of jobs that aren’t going to be there. Now I hope all my female readers will be at the million women march on January 21, 2017 to let him know it’s not going to be as easy as he thinks. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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