November 6, 2016

jIt’s the last Sunday before the election and I know we’ve fooled around with me running for president, but now reality time. Jeff is 70 years old and has even been an elected at one time on the Democratic ticket. He says that after that he didn’t vote for almost twenty years because it was such a horrible experience. He believes all politicians are crooked to some extent and don’t have the interests of the regular people at heart. Assuming he is correct in his opinion this election should be canceled and we should start all over from scratch. In case you’ve missed it Jeff and I don’t belong to political parties because we like to think for ourselves. Growing up Jeff says he watched his friends chose parties based on how they felt about the parents. That is if they got along good then they would probably chose their party as well as their sport teams. We aren’t born Republican or Democrat, just like we aren’t born a racist. These things are taught to us by those around us. We don’t believe things will ever change with the system the way it is now and unfortunately we don’t have an alternative.
Now let’s look at this year’s participants shall we. We have a few third party candidates that have a very loyal following but not enough to allow them to mount a real challenge. Part of this can be explained by lack of major funding because they’re opinions are not in line with that of the money people. The other part is people have been conditioned to the two party system, and won’t pay any attention to so called outsiders. Which is strange since one of the candidates Donald Trump goes around telling everyone he’s an outsider. So let’s look at Trump he claims the system is rigged against him, well if that ws the case I don’t think he would have been nominated in the first place. He’s not the outsider he claims to be he’s from the 1 percent and those people have never been known to show compassion for the little guy. So if he does get elected I don’t expect any great changes for the good. Then you have Hillary on the other side and according to her foes she’s the devil. I don’t believe she’s the devil but just another crooked politician. I think she can be either very good or a real disaster. I think she’s like Bush she’ll want to prove she’s better than Bill and that America made a mistake when they didn’t choose her instead of Obama the first time around. Now she can go like Bush and make a colossal mistake or she could possibly in her attempts to prove she better make some really good changes, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think America you’re like the Cubs before this year it’s sort of wait till next year. this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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