September 27, 2016



Well the debate happened last night without me and I gotta tell you I’m really glad I wasn’t there. Now depending on you read Clinton won but then they say that the internet polls say Trump won. The only thing I can be sure about is we still don’t have any answers to the real problem facing this country and the world. Sooner or later one of these two idiots is going to have to make some real hard decisions unless of course by some miracle I get elected. I have to assume that they both lie about stuff the difference is Trump is easy to catch. I mean I’d love to play poker with this guy he could never bluff. That’s the thing you know when your president sometimes to avoid WW III you have to do a little bluffing. I’m afraid Trump would just nuke everybody. He stands up there saying I’m going to bring jobs back and I’m going to build a wall. Well the wall might happen but only if we pay for it and as for jobs coming back it’s really not a simple equation. Most of the jobs left the US because it was cheaper to build something overseas. It was done to maintain profit margins without raising prices. Economics is vicious circle you’re making a product for X amount of money and in doing so you make Y percent profit. Now your employees want more money in their pay checks seems fare you’re making a ton of money because the product is extremely popular. So it would be natural for your employees to ask for more. Ok so you give them a little more and then raise the price of the product. Well now everybody needs more money so they can continue to buy your product. This means that the people involved in none manufacturing jobs like education need more money. Ok the government says fine but then taxes go up. You see where I’m going with this. Manufacturing could come back to the US tomorrow but prices would go up because costs would go up and then well you get the picture. That’s why some people think a depression would be a good thing because we would all start over on an equal footing. Well that would never happen. One thing came out of these debates pretty nothing is going to change for the better no matter who gets elected. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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