September 25, 2016



Tomorrow is the first presidential debate and of course I wasn’t invited. They’re probably afraid I would ask real questions and have real answers. I’d ask why we have never held a gun manufacture, whether they were US or foreign, responsible for their gun getting into the hands of terrorists and criminals. Now right now the NRA is getting ready to scream at me about gun control. Well I’m sorry but until we can make it harder for the illegal gun trade were never going to stop things like North Carolina or Baltimore or any of the other shootings that took place this week. I stand corrected on North Carolina that was a different situation and I’ll address that latter this week. Guns are a big issue that the candidates don’t want to talk about but so are education, employment and immigration. Rather than put forward proposals that truly address these issues they’d rather accuse each other of wanting to turn this country in a third world country. It the same with gun control Trump will say that a lot of the shootings could have been stopped or wouldn’t of happened if everybody had a gun and Hillary wills say more control is needed. I’m going to say that some more control is needed but we need to use the laws that are already in place make sure background checks are done properly. Make sure that manufactures make sure their weapons are going to reputable dealers and that the dealers have been thoroughly vetted. Also they should make sure their shipping methods are secure. I really don’t think that local delivery services can be trusted and I know the US mail can’t. We also need to make sure the retail outlets for these weapons are properly vetted. As for education I’ve always looked at Europe and even Russia to improve how we educate our young. They have some good ideas the problem here is that our teachers, who I believe are devoted to their students, feel underpaid and unappreciated already and local governments feel just the opposite towards them. These attitudes need to be dealt with before anything will change. Now as for immigration remember we are all immigrants in this country. Unless you a member of one of the Indian tribes you are not a Native American you are the descendent of immigrants. Well I have to go buy some catnip for the debates tomorrow so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Again I agree with you – only I think we will not see much change in gun control in our life time – Hay I could be wrong I never thought we would have a black president or a women running for president so maybe so. Charlotte your first lady to be sends you a meow and a purr,


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