September 19, 2016



I was out early yesterday and came home with all the intention of writing a post, but then I saw the notice about bombings in New York and New Jersey so I decided to wait until I had more info. I also read Trump’s remarks on the issue then watched Hillary’s press conference. They both were trying to use the attacks for political fodder to boast there campaign. One thing seemed to be clear the law enforcement community was looking at his as a lone wolf scenario. If this is true its law enforcements greatest nightmare. The lone wolf is the hardest to track and even harder to predict. As of this moment millions of dollars are being spent on finding their primary suspect and this is be done deservedly so. Until he is captured the actual extent of this attack won’t be known. I agree with Hillary that we need a better Visa system but I also think that we need to keep better track of those who enter the country on tourist or work visas and decide to just stay without letting anyone know. I remember back when we had the draft you could get a college deferment but the minute your grades dropped or you stopped going to class your local draft board was notified and you went to the top of the list. Now some people managed to slip through the cracks but not as many as over stay their visas. If we could keep track of eighteen year old men we should be able to keep track of visitors to this country. I’ve heard the comment made that they didn’t kill anyone so they must be unorganized and not that great a threat. If you live in New York take a look around see those guys with guns on the corners, watch people react to sirens or a car back firing. Two days ago you would have seen the guys with guns and people wouldn’t get scared at a siren or car back fire. This is what terrorism is about. Disrupting your way of life make you afraid to walk outside, distrust people you may have known all your life. Now what do we do about this how do we handle this. The truth is if some individual decides he hates our government and want to bomb a building there’s not much that can be done to stop him. Well you say like trump says, profile people which in his mind means Muslims or Arabs. That’s all good but remember Timothy McVeigh, New York City’s own mad bomber, and of course the Unabomber. None of these people ever had a Islamic thought in their lives they just didn’t like the government or something else. As a candidate for the office of President of the United States you are probably looking for me to give you some definitive answer to the problem. Well let me tell you something law enforcement doesn’t like to talk about. If someone wanted to shoot me and didn’t care if they were killed or captured or if they wanted to blow up a building and again didn’t care if they lived or died it’s really not that hard. Trump says look at Israel well they shoot missiles into their neighboring countries and innocent people get hurt or killed and they still have suicide bomber in their country. And here’s a point every time an innocent adult or child gets killed we make a hundred enemies. We recently dropped bombs in Syria and killed 60 Syrian troops by mistake. No we have the potential for six thousand more terrorists. I don’t have a simple pure solution to this problem and I’m certain that despite what the other candidates might say, either do they. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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