September 12, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf your wondering why no post yesterday I was doing as the other candidates were and showing respect for 9/11. Now that the day has passed it time to let you know how I stand on the issues the real issues. Not Hillary’s health or the latest bullshit from the Trumpster, but rather real issues, Education, Health Care, Immigration and employment. Let’s start with Education shall we. I believe that everyone should to school and be afforded the ability to obtain higher education as long as they can meet whatever academic or technical skills are required. What that means if all your aptitudes and skills point you in the direction of physics and you want to be a poet. You should have to have some sort of proven ability to write poetry or you would have to pay for your education. In other words you would have the same requirements as others only your education would not be paid for. As for athletes who are now demanding things like union representation in school as well as getting paid for their services. Well I think we should remove athletic scholarships and make them stay in school for the full four years. if you chose to go to technical schools you will still have to pass college core subjects but your education will be free. Now as for health care I have to be honest I’m really not that familiar with Obama Care other then knowing that Republicans want it gone. If I’m elected I would first do an in depth study of the program and if on the whole it was good, which I think it is, then if it needed a slight fix here or there I would do that. Just discarding the program for the hell of it without something to put in its place would create chaos and put millions of people at risk. Immigration now here’s a really hot topic. I don’t think we should close our borders but I do think we need to do a better job of vetting those that we let in. Also I think we need to do a better job of making sure those that we do let in say on work Visas leave when their time is up. Deporting bad people doesn’t seem to keep them from getting back in so something must be done there. Building a wall on our southern border is not going to stop terrorists from entering the country or drugs of for that matter. They run them in underground now. We can’t ban a peculiar religion from entering this country after all religious freedom is one of the founding fathers greatest reasons for coming here in the first place. As for employment I personally never had a job that I had to worry about a Mexican taking. I wasn’t a dishwasher, or common laborer and I don’t have any friends that are running out looking for that kind of job now. But I do know people who have lost jobs to Asians and other nationalities that required an education or special training such as those in Medicine and the tech fields. The major companies bring these people in on special work Visas don’t offer them benefits and pay them less. These are the people that over stay there Visas and tax the infrastructure of our cities. I think once my education plan is in place it will be easier for Americans to compete with these people. I also would ,again once my education plan is in effect, put limits on the amount of foreigners a company could employ versus the qualified Americans. As you can see employment, education, and immigration are all tied together. Well I hope you have a better understanding of where I’m at and maybe the other candidates can stop calling each names or making outrageous and inflammatory remarks and state their positions for you. This Flounder your next President saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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