September 4, 2016

603101_10200262962761274_1667488794_nWell there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the US National Anthem this week so I’m going to let Fats take over for today. Thanks Flounder as you have probably heard a quarterback for a major NFL team, the San Francisco 49er’s, has refused to stand for the Anthem. He says it’s in protest to how blacks are treated in the US. Well lets for the moment say that’s the case. Back in 1962 63 when I was a senior in high school we had exchange students who because they weren’t US citizens and would be returning to their countries at the end of the school year not saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We also had none Christian Students who either sat or just kept quiet during the Lord s Prayer. If you’re old enough you will remember it was required back then. Nobody got real excited about any of this until that atheist woman had prayer removed from schools by proving it was unconstitutional. Now in New Jersey at that moment people didn’t get real excited about any of this. But returning to the more modern era the Star Spangled Banner or the American Anthem is probably the most disrespected National Anthem in the world. I have been privileged to experience other National anthems in other countries. And the first thing you noticed is the athletes and the fans standing and singing their Anthem. Not moving around not waving to the camera but showing respect to the song. American did this for a short period after 9/1. But soon resorted back to not waiting for the song to end and drinking and mugging for TV. So my point in all this is why are people getting upset with the quarterback who sits or kneels down quietly? While others are moving around, talking, and doing other things that I would characterize as disrespectful the National Anthem. Grow up America let him do his thing he’s just proving himself to be ignorant. This is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Don’t worry Flounder will be back on the campaign trail soon.

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