August 29, 2016



Sorry about no post yesterday Fats has arthritis and some days are worse than others and yesterday wasn’t a good one, but is seems OK today so here we go. I’m a tuxedo cat that means I have black and white coloring and I have experienced my share of insults from other cats and people and I have, much to my shame, responded with racist remarks. I don’t believe anyone my age or Fats, which is over seventy, has never harbored a racist thought. If you’re saying never your lying to yourself and everyone around you. I’ve grown to learn that in order for America and the world to survive its necessary that all races get along. We all bring something to the table and think that white people can stand alone against all the other people of the world is Bullshit. In the United States if you take all the black brown and yellow people out there wouldn’t be enough people left to defend against an invasion of the Mickey Mouse Club never mind a super power. You know if the Indians at Plymouth had taken the attitude to keep all white people out there wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving. We sit around and tell other countries that want to remove or subjugate the indigenous population that it’s immoral and amounts to ethnic cleansing. But it’s what we did to the American Indians and to this day they are left on reservations. In Colombia where Fats and I live we see the same thing the indigenous people are pushed into the background left to live in poverty and be ignored by the Government. I would love to know what it is about the human race that makes people who look different or speak different so disliked. I will to the day I die believe that for the world to survive we must learn to live as one people. I may be just a cat but I think in this case I know what I’m talking about. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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