August 21, 2016



You know Jeff and I have about a hundred and fifty years of experience between us he being seventy and I being about eighty one. That gives us a little insight into this Polling business that goes on during elections and just about everything else. I believe that it has an effect on how or if people will vote in the election. I say this because I believe people are too lazy to take the time to really look at a candidate. Instead if they do vote they like to vote for the winner so they’ll vote for whose ahead in the polls. On the other side if their candidate is ahead by a few points in the poll they might just not vote rather than having to skip lunch or leave early or get home late from work? You might say well they do get time off to vote but some would rather get a head start on the traffic or take a longer lunch. With us being old we remember when TV would give vote tallies and predictions before the polls closed. This was determined to influence voting in those areas where the polls were still open. If you take this knowledge and apply it to polls you can see what I’m saying actually happening. I remember seeing someplace that the New York Times is written to a sixth grade reading level. If that’s true getting people to make an informed decision is dam near impossible. I can see in the news that there are a great many people that seem to be making this decision on which to vote for based on what party they belong to rather than taking a serious look at the candidates. I’ve heard people say polls don’t mean anything. They’re usually the ones behind in the poll. I’m kind of afraid that this thinking might get Trump elected. Which would mean, for the first time in history, a candidate who didn’t want to win would end up being President. I think people should forget the polls and vote Flounder for President. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    dear Flounder did you receive my meg – from your future first lady Charllete


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