August 7, 2016



I spent this last week trying to find something humorous to write about some of my friends said anything that Trump says. If Trump wasn’t running for President his remarks would be hilarious, but unfortunately that’s not the case. So then they suggested I should write something about the Olympics. Well, why would I do that when the average citizen can’t afford to go and see any events live and in a lot of countries can’t even watch on TV? Personally I stopped watching them when it became a showcase for overpaid professional athletes. As much as we complained about the Russians and Chinese being paid to train the thrill of watching true American athletes win an event was fantastic. You all do remember the Miracle on Ice don’t you? But we got upset when our basketball team lost the gold one year and next thing you knew it became the professional Olympics. Now getting back to friend Trump I fear not what he’ll do as President so much as what some of his whacked out supporters will do. They could decide since they elected him they can now be open racists and beat Blacks, Muslims, Latinos or anybody else they perceive as an enemy. We could see the right of free speech disappear as well as freedom of the press. The worst possible scenario would be total anarchy. Well I have to go take care of Jeff because his wife is in Sweden for another two weeks. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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