July 31, 2016

cat-food-funny-cats-animals-humor-us-com-101055You know what really scares me about this election? Not Donald trump winning (although that would be a major disaster), but what I think is the end of the two party system as we know it. Now some people will say well that’s great it hasn’t been getting much done of late anyhow. I think it’s bad because of the mass confusion that would accompany its demise. I mean you’d have people with no experience on the world platform trying to negotiate with other countries that even though they may be friends would love to take advantage of us. It would be like having a hundred Donald Trump’s running around instead just one asshole. I think having someone like say a Bill Bradley or Joe Biden running as an independent could really be a good thing. Even Bernie Sanders would be OK. But to have four or five different parties might not be a good thing. Now as far as this election is concerned I’m surprised the democrats didn’t start a King Obama movement like some people did for Reagan back in the day. If trump gets elected you’ll see less getting accomplished in the Congress and the Senate, then you see now. Having a polarizing character such as him would cause a complete breakdown in both houses. This is the same effect; I think that the demise of the two party system would have on future elections. But what the hell do I know I’m just a cat living in Colombia. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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